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Magasin DJI, Paris, France

Le magasin de drones DJI Store Paris est situé dans l’une des rues les plus fréquentées de la ville. Il présente un design moderne et raffiné et propose une vaste gamme de technologies de pointe en matière de drones, de stabilisateurs et de caméras DJI. Le magasin est situé dans un ancien bâtiment classique, mais le style et la décoration de la boutique sont minimalistes et modernes.

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Nordkraft, Aalborg, Danemark

Nordkraft est une ancienne centrale électrique transformée en centre culturel moderne à Aalborg (Nord Jutland, Danemark). L’architecture est bien sûr spéciale, car de grandes parties de l’ancienne centrale sont conservées et forment le cadre rustique pour le développement de la culture.

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Söderledskyrkan, Sweden

Söderledskyrkan belongs to the Swedish Church and organizes weddings, baptisms, and funerals.

There are several people and visitors for whom it may not be easy to use the stairs inside the church. The church had an old elevator that, after a long time, no longer was the optimal solution to ensure accessibility in the building.

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Klang Market, Sweden

In the cozy café Klang Market in the Stockholm mall there is a very narrow passage up to the second floor to access the café’s dining tables.

A narrow passage like that makes it almost impossible to fit both a staircase and a ramp or lifting platform.

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Madame Tussauds, Amsterdam

The Dam Square in Amsterdam locates a characteristic six-story building that houses the famous museum Madame Tussauds. At Madame Tussauds you can get acquainted with real-life, detailed wax figures that portray celebrities such as actors, sports stars and World leaders.

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Ronald Gerard, Omaha, US

The retired pharmacist Ronald Gerard and his wife from Omaha were looking for an easier way to get her from the main house and into their car in the garage which is at a lower level than the main house. Ronald’s wife is a wheelchair user and their previous way of getting her from the house to the garage, was a stair glide.

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Hvalsø Pharmacy, Denmark

Several pharmacies, shops and other public buildings face a challenge to create accessibility to all to their building if the entrance is not in street level.

Some buildings have enough space for a ramp that comply with the slope requirements or a platform lift that can stand next to the staircase – the challenge can be that many accessibility solutions will impair the existing architecture of the building, and most want to preserve the existing aesthetics of the building, despite of the accessibility requirements.

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Copenhagen City Court, Denmark

H+ ARCHITECTS managed the reconstruction of the Copenhagen City Court, as two functions were merged both organizationally and physically. Architects from H+ ARCHITECTS always consider accessibility when they renovate older buildings. Space issues and large level differences set the framework for redevelopment and solutions to create accessibility.

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Museum East Jutland, Denmark

Museum Østjylland in Grenaa (Denmark) is a listed building and thus it is essential that the architecture is preserved. The museum is a listed merchant's farm with several floors from the early 18th century. Even though the building is listed it is one of the museum’s objectives to be Denmark’s most accessible museum.

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Top Family, Denmark, Denmark

Søren Top suddenly had a blood clot which left him paralyzed the left side and he was dependent on a wheelchair. Søren and his wife, Birthe, immediately became aware of the challenges that could be at home when suddenly sitting in a wheelchair in a two-story house from 1898.

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Jim Kissling, AutoFarm, US

For many people one of the main challenges with a fall accident is to get back up on your feet again. Jim Kissling from the US has experienced this problem repeatedly because of his diagnosis, Kennedy Disease Syndrome (also known as Bulbo-Spinal Muscular Atrophy), that causes his muscles to weaken about 2 % per year.

At this point in his course of the disease, Jim falls one to two times a week and usually it’s his wife who helps him back up. Their most recent concern over the last couple of years has mainly been regarding what happens if she one day is unable to help him up anymore.

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Leeds Castle, Kent, England

There has been a castle on this site since 1119. In the 13th Century it was a favourite residence of King Edward 1st. In the 16th Century it was used by Henry VIII for his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. 

The Castle has been open to the public since 1976.

Away from the main castle buildings stands the more recent addition of a gift shop and restaurant. As the restaurant is accessed via steps, it was not possible to provide access for those with impaired mobility or parents with pushchairs.

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Sofie Djurhuus, Denmark

13-year-old Sofie Djurhuus from Taastrup, Denmark, is diagnosed with muscular disease and sometimes she falls. When she falls she cannot get back up by herself. She gets great pleasure from her own Raizer which she was assigned.

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Joules in Bath, England

Joules are a fashion chain specialising in colourful British designed casual clothing for men, women & children. Joules wanted to make the rear of their store accessible, but had very limited options when it came to where a lift might go.

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Social and Health Care School in Aabenraa

Project manager and teacher at The Social and Health Care School in Aabenraa, Mark Arpe Andersen, has had great success in using Raizer in welfare technology courses.

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Ali Emiri cultural centre in Istanbul

The cultural centre of music, conferences, theatre etc. is located in the heart of the beautiful old part of the town and is one of the most visited theaters in Istanbul.

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Aalborg Airport, Denmark

Aalborg Airport celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2013 with a large expansion of the terminal building.

It was also an anniversary for Liftup: This was Liftup Product no 1.000!

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Danish Parliament: Christiansborg Palace

Liftup was contacted by the architect responsible for the old historic building Christiansborg Palace, because he was looking for an integrated solution to provide access to all persons, walking and walking-impaired, for one of the main assembly rooms in the Danish Parliament.

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Danish Parliament: Minister Lobby

Another FlexStep in the old historic building Christiansborg Palace, the location of the Danish Parliament ("Folketinget"). All four FlexSteps are specified and designed in collaboration with the house architect of Christiansborg Palace.

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Danish Parliament: The Warehouse

One of the four FlexSteps in Folketinget, the Danish Parliament, provides access between Christiansborg castle and the old warehouse through a narrow passage.

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Danish Parliament: Passage to the equestrian ground

In 2012 when an existing ramp  and lift solution was to be removed Liftup got the opportunity to design the 4th FlexStep for Christiansborg Palace.

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The Danish Nature Agency

This is an issue for many Liftup's customers. Accessibility to another level requires normally both a staircase and a lifting platform.

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The Eidsvoll Building, Norway

The fact that the FlexStep has been chosen for the unique Eidsvoll House (Eidsvollbygningen) in Norway is further proof that FlexStep can be adadpted to any environment, both when it comes to function and design.

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Ice Cream Café, Germany

During the renovation of the sophisticated ice cream café La Luna the very narrow passage up to the next floor made it impossible to install both staircase and lifting platform. FlexStep is the solution to create equal access to both customers in wheelchair and walking customers.

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Kelles Soup Factory, Germany

At this soup factory (Kelles Suppenmanufaktur) in Kläden, Sachsen-Anhalt, in Germany the installation of a FlexStep lifting platform made it possible to create a working place for two employees in wheelchair.

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Centre for deaf, deafblind and hearing-impaired people

Deaf, deafblind and hearing impaired people with additional impairments are the users and inhabitants of the residential servicecentre CFD. The additional challenge, difficult to climb up the stairs, becomes manageable with FlexStep.

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St. Aidan's School, United Kingdom

The hallways are broad and the traffic is heavy at the stairs at St. Aidan's Primary School in Scotland, UK. To create a coherent and functional solution to meet those needs a FlexStep lifting platform and an identical fixed staircase were put into production.

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